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PSB Newsfeeds = Pain in the bum, can I turn them off??

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  • PSB Newsfeeds = Pain in the bum, can I turn them off??

    As title says, is there a way to IGNORE the PSB Newsfeeds, can I turn them off, so I don't have to see them in New Posts??

    Such much for keeping the reults from events slighty secret as soon as the event is over, they get plastered all over the forum

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    Guess you could ignore the user, option is available when viewing the user profile.
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      mm, so if you Ignore a particular user, their threads don't show up at all as New Posts???

      Nah it doesn't work
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        yah news feed thread titles can cause spoilers.


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          Yes. Just happened to me.
          I'd like to kill them too please!
          If someone figures out how.
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            ^^ Wts ^^

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              I'd like to kill them because they are spam. I'm already signed up to the motogp website, so I get them, these are just a really annoying link to a pay 4 content article on, they arent news at all.
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                that too. the one or two interesting ones that I decided to check out all wanted me to sign up to paid content areas.

                waste of forum resources imho.


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                  I really ought to take the time to say, I totally understand what the mods were trying to do, and the stupid amount of effort and work to make that stuff happen, and I appreciate that side of it.

                  Sorry if I seemed like a whingeing ungrateful shit before, I just dont like the 'newsfeeds'.

                  Maybe if a certain someone... ie: me, actually spent the time reading and compiling a genuine news post daily, we wouldnt need them. I am soon getting a laptop for work, so will have a computer at home again, so I was thinking ofdoing something like that.
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                    Yah tys has removed them... after probably spending hours to code them into the forums. what a champ.