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    When you edit the title in your thread it just changes the title of your post rather than the title of your thread, sort of annoying... Tys can it be fixed?

    EDIT: Grah just tried it and it worked fine... mebbe its just older threads. Note my computer thread in forsale if you don't understand what I mean.

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    Looks like it works for you
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      ^^^ 1st post edited.

      EDIT: Your a champ.


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        Oiih does it work properly now??

        Goes off to re-change some thread titles


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          nah doesn't work, only changes the title in the first post, not the actual "Title"

          Peeps have to actually open the thread to see the date, rather than see the date in the title, no biggy, but if you read the title and the date doesn't interest you then you don't need to go into the thread, other wise you could read the title and think mmm old thread nah won't bother opening.


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            Same issue.
            I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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              Weird... mebbe Tys manually changed my forsale thread because it worked for me. *shrug*


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                Tyson, it wont change for me either, and as I haven't got the bike for sale anymore it would be good to change the actual thread title. Help darling!
                Last edited by karen; 13-11-2007, 12:19 PM. Reason: speeling miscake lol