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  • same email address

    My daughter has been attending rides as a pillion lately.

    Is it possible for her to join PSB under a different user name, but use the same email address as mine? (I don't mind sharing, nor does she)
    she tried to sign up but was told the email address was already being used

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    i know with my ip you can create numerous email accounts under the same one. to get on here i started an email account from my mums IP. maybe you could do the same.
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      Nik just get your ISP to create another free mailbox? Most ISPs have multiple mailboxes free with your account.

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        just get another one for her...


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          Originally posted by nath View Post
          just get another one for her...

          Perth Street Bikes USER TERMS & CONDITIONS
          18. Email Account Rules (During and After Registration)

          When registering on the forum you are required to register from a non-freemail account such as a work email account or the email account provided to you with your internet connection by your ISP. Freemail accounts are those that are subscribed to online, and include email accounts such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. This policy is in place because allowing registration via free email accounts opens up the forum to spam. It also makes it easier for habitual forum trouble makers to sign back up to the forum under an alias should their actions lead to their termination of forum access. Finally it greatly increases the risk of "Email Harvesters" or bots signing up and scouring the forums for information on our members.


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            OK looks like another email then. Ta guys for the replies, guess I will have to get off my behind and stop being lazy...