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  • "New Posts" Button Needed

    Any chance on getting a "New Posts" button?

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    There is a "Latest Activity" on the header of the forum. Does the same thing.


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      Do you mean the button to take you to the first new 'unread' post in a thread? Because that is there?


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        No, see pic, although it stopped working properly, even after clicking the "Mark channels read" button down the bottom of the forum.It brings back the same list of active topics I had the first time...


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          The "Latest Activity" button only shows new threads created, not when they are updated. For instance, if you click on the button, this thread is shown at the top of the list, with a time of 9:09 AM - which is when it was created. It will remain at the top of the list until another thread is created.


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            Also - as an example, Known has made a post later than 9:09 in the "Spotted" thread, however, this does not show up in "Latest Activity"... as I said, "Latest Activity" shows when a thread was created, not updated.


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              Another issue to add to the list, I didn't get a notification (either from visiting the site or via email) for the above tag.


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                Allows you to set that you receive notification if you are mentioned.
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                  New posts is needed indeed. Latest activity button only works if you click forum then latest activity. But if you're in forum, help, help will only work for latest activity in HELP Section
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                    Ok, I've done a little experimenting, and can suggest this as a work-around while we wait for a "New Posts" button.
                    Go to the Search field on the top right side of the page, use the drop down button & select "Advanced Search"
                    On the Advanced Search page, make these settings:
                    . Date Range - From one week in the past To today
                    . Sort by "Date - Last Update"
                    . Order "Descending"
                    . Types "Discussion"
                    . Sources "Forum"
                    . View "Topics"

                    Make sure you don't make the Date Range too big, or you could cause problems with the server - plus it'll take too long to come back with a result.

                    Have Fun.

                    Edit: Also, once the display of the threads comes up, you need to click on the tiny blue button on the right of the entry to get to the latest post to appear, otherwise it defaults to the first post in the thread. Which is stupid.
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