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    Hello Help desk,

    I've tried looking though all my account info and so on to try and delete my account. Unfortunately I do not live in the west anymore and even worse I do not plan on riding for the foreseeable future.

    I know that you try and keep as many members as possible and on occasions cull accounts that have been inactive for too long. Maybe have a deactivate/delete account button in account settings.

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    Hi fuzzy there's no actual help desk here, AFAIK, this is currently a one man band. Anyway, from memory, it is not possible to delete your (or anyone else's account.) And no, they don't cull accounts that have been inactive. Best you can hope for is to have your account locked. This is/was actually stated somewhere on the forum.. perhaps in "the small print."

    Have fun.


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      Fuzzy, your 170 posts that have added to the experience of PSB for you and others, will, if removed, make the place and the topics you posted in - a little disjointed. It's for this (main) reason that Admin will advise that you are free to leave, but your posts will remain on PSB forevermore.

      This way, you're always free to come back and pick up where you left off.

      Stay safe, enjoy what you have.
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