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    How about a Check In subforum where people who are going on an extended trip/sprint on the weekends can leave their details(first name, mobile number, bike make/model and route). Then if someone goes missing, we can look in there and be like "oh, he should be here" or something like that. If they have wireless internet on their phone then they can update it as they go. Make it so people cant randomly comment on someone else's trip, etc, like the for sale section, except its a safety net for those members who like to cover 1000km's for an average weekend day...

    Format like this or something...
    Mobile/House number(make this hidden to admins/staff only?) of group leader
    Departure time and date approx.(00:00 12/34/5678)
    Days gone(0 for day trip, 1 for overnighter, etc)
    Return time and date approx.(00:00 12/34/5678)
    Route.(i.e. Perth, Dwellingup, Mandurah, Rockingham, Freo, Perth, Causeway Bike shops)
    Number of people.

    Time should be in 24h time, and make everything compulsary so we have as much information as possible should someone go missing, so we can pass it on to the relevant authorities to ensure their swift rescue. Think of it as looking out for your mates, even if you dont like them

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    I like the basic premise - i do a lot of solitary country kms (at pace).
    Unsure about publishing routes, can see the safety net reason/purpose - fine if this can be hidden from public view.
    An excellent notion - replicates the core of 'travel management' policies for those of us that have done remote business travel.

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      Yeh make everything have the option of being hidden should the poster want, save from the depart/arrive date and a name. from the general public, allowing only admins etc, to view it should the need arise. Doubt anyone would want it though, but it's a suggestion none the less.
      Success is nothing more then taking advantage of an opportunity.


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        As part of my job in a control room, travel management is essential, especially in middle of nowhere. It's main failing is when the traveller forgets to call in during their time limit and they have no communication (i.e. nothing short of sat phone coverage).

        We've launched expensive helicopter searches for people that simply forgot to call in and turned their phones off. Otherwise good idea.
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