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Can't access PSB from my internode account anymore.

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  • Can't access PSB from my internode account anymore.

    What did you do tyse? Did I piss you off?
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    nope, whats up? poor routing?
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      Dunno, get zero response from an internode account. Never been an issue before, but I get timeout dramallamas now. No router changes. 2 secs.

      EDIT: yeah, can't even ping
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        No problems here with internode.


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          Yeah s'weird, for the last couple of days, I've not been able to access PSB from home. I have a million computers, so it's probably a router issue.

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            Another internode user here - no probs.
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              I had the same problem a few days ago - I am on optusnet. Other sites worked like normal except PSB. Timeouts galore. I couldn't even ping the'd stop at some hosting company. I accessed the site via my wifes blackberry and didn't see any thread about slowness so assumed it was my ISP or router or something. I ended up just resetting my router back to factory settings and now it's okay. However now is going really slow. Router is a billion 7402VGP.
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                Lol same router I have. I'll reset it.
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                  Fixt. Now the one on the Telstra account can't access PSB. Spooky.
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