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About to upgrade....NEED ADVICE!!!

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  • About to upgrade....NEED ADVICE!!!

    Hey guys...i'm about to trade in my RS 250 and i'm tossng up between the Kwaka 636...$14000, the Gixxer 600...$?, CBR 600 RR.....$16000, or the CBR 954....on special for $14990, Please can someone give me aome advice, i wanna upgrade but i wanna stay round the 600cc level, but then there's the 954 that's goin cheaper than the 600 RR.......WHAT to DO?????

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    Man, if you get a 954, you'll be dead in hours!!!! it's to much for ya for now.

    Go get one of these.


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      dude the 600RR is still an angry lil bee.......... but yer id go the 600RR.. depends on ur state of mind i spose. I dont trust my riding ability to get on a 954 straight away

      I'm the noob you all pwn!


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        I think u will be more than happy with any of those 6's.

        Why dont you go down to see Gary at Kawasaki Northside and shop for a price and then go see the boys at Causeway Honda and see what they can do on the RR.

        Price may end up the deciding factor, and I know that Gary has a 636 there with a few mintox mods that are reasonably inexpensive that I belive will blow your mind.

        We will be testing it in a couple of weeks so I will let you know.

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          hey spike, just curious, how much are you trading the rs250 for?

          that 636 is one angry Beast!


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            Unless you want the 600RR (as I'm yet to see a 2nd-hand one for sale), you might as well pick up a 2nd-hand bike I reckon. Otherwise the depreciation from the first time it turns a wheel in anger is, IMHO, not worth it.

            There should be heaps of recent ZX6Rs and ZX636's for sale 2nd-hand, I would think? Or you could get an Italian thoroughbred.. and spend all your money servicing it!


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              Which Bike


              I'm of the opposite view from the other posts.

              I would suggest the 954 over the 600RR for rideability.

              Why do I suggest this you may ask...

              The 954 is an easier bike to ride as with the extra horses you don't need to be so high up in the revs with the engine spinning to get the most out of it.

              You can develop your riding style and confidence in stages. More horses means more low down grunt and mid range. Therefore you can afford to be in a higher gear and use roll on power the 600's don't have.

              I think it is a huge misconception to think todays standard 600 is a softer bike to ride then the 900/1000's. Yes I agree when full on the gas of the big fours, they have shitloads of power however it is useable power all through the revs. Whereas the 600's are mostly mid to top end and to get the most out of them have to carry greater corner speed and be in a higher gear.

              This takes shitloads of skill and guts. Any doubts, watch the 600 class at Wanneroo. By far the most competitive.

              Anyway my two cents.

              I've ridden both and am a firm believer the 954 is an easier bike to ride and to learn on as a big bike.

              Also less loss on resale as Honda has just dropped the price from $18,000 ride away to $14,990 plus on road compared to the 600's.


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                i think these people that believe that you'll kill yourself if you get on the 954 are all wrong ! it's all in your head ! the 600s will still do similar speeds as the 1000s , do you really think that half second difference over the quarter mile will make a difference if you go into the side of a car ! i think not , it all depends on how you ride the bike and the respect and attitude that you have towards the bike you're on ! a two stroke 250 is a pig of a bike that was never really designed to go on the road , i had an rgv about 12 years ago and still to this day i think it was the most unforgiving bike that i have ever ridden ,
                i know several riders who participate in this forum who never had a 250 bike ! guys who jumped straight on big sports bikes and so-far have had no dramas ! all because they were level headed and rode their bike within their own abilities ! don't get on a 600 and think that it won't throw you off just as quick as a 1000 if you don't give it the respect it deserves ! the 1000s go quicker in a straight line and thats about it ! get into some tight twisting corners and the 600s will keep up ! but if you ride two up at all then i'd consider the 1000s ,plus how often do you trade up , if you're buying the bike to hang onto for 4-5 years then i'd get the 954.
                well thats what i reckon !!


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                  Trading up

                  Spike, did ya get my E-mail.
                  pretty much the same view as Tex, you have seen first hand how quick and easy the 600rr is to ride, but I am a firm believer you can not have too much power, and the 954 is also a easy bike to ride.

                  Most importantly PLACE BRAIN IN GEAR prior to grabing a hand full of throttle. Simple rule!!

                  It's up to you it's your money, it comes down to STYLE, FEEL, COST, and what do you want out of it?



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                    try a gixxer 7fity! right smack in the middle. I bought my gixxer 6 after my first year, and 12months later its not enough power! (can't hold fourth gear in wheelstand.) 750's are still pumpin out about 125-135bhp for an 01/02 model.


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                      I have found that the bigger the bike, the better! 8)

                      Your bike will only have as much power as you give it (right wrist)

                      The bigger bikes are more smooth to ride cause of the wider power too.

                      It's obviously up to you, but go up, and never look back!

                      Oh, and test ride all of them, you'll see what we mean...
                      Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                        do what i did....RIDE EM ALL..... see what tickles yer testies!


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                          Tex has it on the money.... i reckon anyway.... either bike is going to spit you off if you don't treat it with repect... The only people i suggest a 600 to are really light people because they can made anyone look slow... even in a straight line... power to weight is a wonderful thing.. the 954 is a light bike to ride and very flickable... allow enough for a steering damper as it is required... it will hold its value better and is competetive with anything around at the moment.. which means if you develope with the bike you will keep up for years to come... I ride a 1000 because i am part of FBR ( fat bastard racing) those extra cc's allow for the extra weight...oh and the cams , exhaust, carb's and being a mechanical anachist.
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                            thanx for all your advice guys......i do my R opens test on monday afternoon, hopefully i'll pass and then i'll test ride everything and anything bigger than 2fiddy to see what i like........don't know yet but i might end up goin for the 954, just coz of the price and cos i'll be keepin it untill i can afford an MV Augusta (which will probably be at least 4 or 5 years)


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                              'so here it is...

                              my 2c worth

                              go wiv what you feel comfy, i'm the only one of my close buds that rides a kawa, but it dont worry the DUBS, coz I LIKE IT!!!

                              go have a chat to gary and the guys at Northside and come over to the DARK SIDE!!!!!

                              KAWA STYLE!!