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  • Tunnel Fun

    Was on freeway north and took the right hand bend to enter the tunnel... Just before I entered the bend a white BMW X5 4x4 (pretty quick) decided to SUDDENLY cut me off!

    I wasnt impressed so I overtook him at a very high speed then settled down to the speed limit only to find these BMW headlights approaching fast and swerving all over the road so I naild it again (thought he was going to run me over!) and it was pretty hairy because I have bald tyres and the tunnel has abit of water on the road not to mention the bends Oh yeah i had a pillion too!

    Dam drunk hoons in their daddy's car!

    Anyone got some x-race tyres to sell me for $50 or something?

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    Man, whats the go with the water in that friggin tunnel eh? It gets so damn slippery in there, someone's gonna come a gutzer if they aint careful!


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      Re: Tunnel Fun

      *Anyone got some x-race tyres to sell me for $50 or something?*

      I gather slicks are no good to you???


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        LoL not really


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          Get in there and learn some rear wheel steering eh? WooHooooo