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    Well I just saw this movie and on first impressions I'd have to say it is absolutely awsome, probably Tarentino's best movie, although not his best script.

    Before I go on let me tell you I am a big Tarentino fan.

    *** Spoilers Ahead *****

    The storyline is reasonably basic, I think we've all heard it before. The bride (Uma Thuman) awakes after a 4 year coma after her wedding slash assassination takes place in New Mexico Chappel.

    She then proceeds on a standard, get revenge on the people that tried to murder her, and suceeded in murdering her husband, her unborn child, and the entire wedding party. The murders are the Viper Assassination Death Squad consisting of five members (sounds like fox force five doesn't it).

    In typical Tarentino style the movie timeline is not liner but circular where the last revenge murder of the movie occurs first. Uma shows up at the front door of one of the assassins and the vicious knife fight that ensues almost feels like the actors are really out to kill each other.

    Uma then heads to Okinawa where she meets legendary Sonny Cheba playing a retired master swordsmaker (Although this actually occurs earlier in terms of a timeline). Uma then takes the sword to tokyo where she confronts Lucy Liu, the second member (but actual first murder) to be taken down by Uma's sword.

    The following 45 minute sword battle is one of the most hard core action scenes I've seen on screen for a long time, and re-seats Tarentino as the master of action.

    As a Tarentino fan I'd have to say this rates with Pulp Fiction as his best movie ever, and as I've said, although the script is reasonably predictable, it's almost a Tarentino homage to 70s and 80s Kung Fu movies and is credibly presented to the audience.

    Tarentino always manages to resurect old actors from the actor graveyard and his actor this movie is Sonny Cheba. Sonny's performance as the master swordsmaker is just flawless, and makes me want to rush down to the local video store and hire all the Streetfighters I can lay my hands on.

    I suspect that Kill Bill Volume 2 will do the same for David Carridine, who plays Bill although he's never seen in Volume 1.

    However, another nice supprise was to see the New Mexico Marshal from "From Dusk TIll Dawn" make a cameo as the investigating officer in the wedding massacre.

    If you like Tarentino...see this movie.

    If you like Kung Fu or Sonny Cheba....see this movie.

    If you don't like blood, or couldn't watch the "cutting the ear off" scene in Resivour Dogs...well you're a woos and you should see this movie anyway.

    Oh...obligitory motorcycle content.

    Uma rides Kawasaki ZZR at one stage, although it looks like a 250. Some of the badguys ride some Yammies...but I think they were FZRs.

    Not a Gixxer in site...but I guess Tarentino can't get EVERYTHING right.

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    got told it was excellent - but EXTREMELY violent, yeh , like thats a draw back!



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      Good shit Melkor

      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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        Might have to see it during the week I think!


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          Kill Bill review



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            sounds good, ill have to see it some time
            I was raised on the Dairy....Bitch


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              sound probably tipped me off the most Uma was on the 250.

              It wasn't a Harley or an Italian V twin sound like you often hear as a sprtsbike goes past.