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Philip Island - Moto GP (Awesome weekend)

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  • Philip Island - Moto GP (Awesome weekend)

    Two Words, Fucken Awesome.

    It was my first time to the Island, and it was great.
    We left Perth Thursday night and got to Melbourne at 5.30am (there time) from there it is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive (with a bunch of loonies) to the Island. We got to Cowes caravan park and set up tents etc. From there we went straight to the track (mint!). It was busy, people everywhere.
    Once we got in we went to the end of the main straight, we watched the mornings practice 125, 250, and Moto GP class. These bikes are fucken fast, TV does not do them justice at all!
    Friday was a fine and warm day around the 23 deg mark, we had a good look around, and went to the display tents. Got to look at the new Fire Blade 1000, looks good! , also saw the new Kawasaki ZX10R, average looking :? , And they even had the new Yamaha R1, Awesome the R1 by far is the best looking bike there by along shot, shits all over the others, and by the way the crowed was hanging around the bike, I was not the only one with that view. The only other bike that looked really good was the new Aprillia RSV-R (has the SP-1 front end) but this bike costs around $25 to $30,000 more. Oh there was one bike that was better then them all, Rossi's RCV211 on display at the Honda stand (awesome).

    Saturday was even better, had all the Qualifying for the GP bikes, had support races, Supersport and Superbikes, Australian 125's, plus the weather was spot on, 28 deg's, even got sun burnt! We walked around the track, saw Bayliss crash in front of us (lost the front end).

    Sunday started off shit, we got up early to beat traffic etc, got to the track for gates to open at 7am. We rushed off to Honda corner (at end of main straight turns 1 and2) and watched warm ups in the fucken rain!! . For 4 hours we sat in the rain, cold and wet (Not Happy Jane!!) and was even contenplating going to the pub to watch the race. The hole paddic turned into a swamp, we had a river running in front of us and even behind us, It sucked! :x
    But it did clear up halfway through the 250 race so the Moto Gp class was spot on. I rang Campo half way through the race, so he could here how loud it was, had to wear ear plugs for the three days.

    As for Rossi, he is full of class, and to see it first hand was awesome. 8)
    If you ever get a chance to go, DO IT, it's fantastic all round event.

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    Without a doubt, I'm so going to be there next year!!!

    Having Cal ring me in the last few laps, listening to the bikes go round was just awesome. Sounds like you guys had a brilliant time!!

    If yu've got photo's Cal, email them to me and I'll post them up for ya.

    I'll give you a buzz tonight from the cabino.


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      sounds like u had a great time man, glad u enjoyed it.

      will hopefully be going there sometime in the near future myself. Catch up with you soon and cant wait to c the pics !!! 8)
      Quote: "What do i like about the GP?......The Crumpet I S&#39;pose" <span style="font-family:Times">The Late Barry Sheene &#39;01</span>


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        Hey Calvin, Know wot you mean, If it was anything like the superbikes in April it would have been xlnt, only bigger (actually smaller) and better bikes and riders.

        It's an awsome atmosphere, as Calvin said, If you get the chance, do it, go there and experience it for your self.

        See you there next year Campo.


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          See you there next year Campo.
          I'm gonna hold ya to that mate!!! We're so there!!! hahahaha