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Sydney Ride Report #3 - When will it stop raining!!!!

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  • Sydney Ride Report #3 - When will it stop raining!!!!

    Well as I have already posted, Sydney was hit on Saturday by one of its biggest storms of the year. Hail stones in some areas were as big as golf balls so I opted to stay indoors and sit infront of the TV pretty much most of the day.

    Sunday I was up early to hit the NSW National Park again, just to see if I could get further down the road, this is what I found all of 5 minutes from the last place i stopped.

    Do you think they're trying to tell me something?

    Anyhow, I got another pic, finally a nice day in Sydney!

    So thats pretty much it for the past weekend guys, pretty slow, pretty boring but was good to get out and have a casual ride.

    Till later!

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    Keep up the good work, I need you to find all of the good rides for when I come over you know all the best roads with no cops,

    Good to see you finally got a dry day for a ride,

    Hang in there it will get better.



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      Dont worry campo, it's a drizzly over here too.. but my god! the weekend was FANTASTIC!

      Scarborough sundays are weird without you campo! ha ha
      mmmmm sacrilicious


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        quiet too ..
        Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

        Some say he only showers on even days of the week

        Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

        All we know is he's Hewie.