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  • Aftermarket grips

    Hi All,

    I just bought new grips and whilst i like them i would prefer them to have more grip without destroying the look of them. Polished metal doesnt provide the best grip. I was wondering what PSB'ers were using whether it be pine tarsol or sticky dots or even tape or something that works and doesnt look completely dodgy like duct tape everywhere,

    cheers for the help

    (if it helps they are gsxr suzuki spike billet grips, on a 2007 gsxr600)
    "it works for a spherical chicken in a vacuum"

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    Leave that shit for the harley riders, they're used to shiny shit that makes the bike worse.

    You could always get them machined like the rizoma metal grips, but you might be better off buying something more suitable.
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      Bought a fireblade that had chrome grips fitted, horrible things, remove them at once as they get hot in the sun and provide no grip
      and look tacky on sports bikes . . .