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Snapped on the Roe Hwy / South St fixed camera but wasnt speeding!

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  • Snapped on the Roe Hwy / South St fixed camera but wasnt speeding!

    Came off Roe Hwy last night turning right onto South St about 9:30pm. I drive past this fixed camera every single day and have done since it was put there so Im very aware of it obviously. Anyway, come off Roe and onto South St heading east, turn the corner, slowly accelerate (yes im on a 250). I get to the set of lights with the camera on it and go through at exactly 61km/h. I looked down at the exact time I went through the intersection then up again and bam!! The flash went off!! The light was green. There was a truck in the middle lane but he was slightly ahead of me and im certain he wasnt even going 70 either?! No other cars in the lanes as it was quite at that time of the night.

    Whats the go here? Should I just wait and see if I get a fine in the mail? Can I call someone/a dept? I know FOR CERTAIN I was not speeding and prob would find it hard to get up over 70km/h on my 250 from turning off of Roe Hwy anyway!

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    Wait and see mate. Then appeal it if you want, but if it's your little 250 in the pic, its pretty doubtful if you'd get off. Then start another thread on PSB ranting about the injustices in the system, which people will post in both supporting you, hammering you or just plain trolling. More than likely, combinations of all three.

    That seems to be how it's done.

    At least you'll get a picture of you riding your bike to put on your fridge.


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      Maybe the light was RED...
      Does my aftershave smell like chloroform?