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Preaching to the choir: Capturing the essence of riding

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  • Preaching to the choir: Capturing the essence of riding

    via BikeEXIF
    No images here — just an amazing description of why motorcycling is good for the human soul. Capturing the essence of riding motorcycles
    For Triple Lovers & Triple Street Fighers

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    Sounds like a literary arts student to me. Or a mental patient. Possibly both, it's hard to tell the difference at times.
    Filbert on Moto Guzzis;
    Originally posted by filbert
    it's like a ducati with the motor put in sideways for people who are too scared of the power of harley davidsons


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      They're the best kind.
      For Triple Lovers & Triple Street Fighers


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        I really enjoyed that.

        On a motorcycle I know I'm alive. When I ride, even the familiar seems strange and glorious. The air has weight and substance as I push through it and its touch is as intimate as water to a swimmer.
        Transportation is only a secondary function. A motorcycle is a joy machine. It's a machine of wonders, a metal bird, a motorized prosthetic. It's light and dark and shiny and dirty and warm and cold lapping over each other; it's a conduit of grace, it's a catalyst for bonding the gritty and the holy.
        Customer: Look, there's no other way to say this, but I didn't come in here to be insulted.
        Bernard: Well, I didn't ask for the job of insulting you. In another life, we could have been brothers. Running a small, quirky taverna in Sicily. Maybe we would have married the local twins instead of wasting each other's time here in this dump. But it was not to be. So hopit.