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    G'day guys
    New to this forum.....

    Just wondering where to take my 99 r1, has just started with the 2nd gear problem!!
    Wanting to get my gears undercut, and while motor is out of bike want to get my pistons, valves and bearing checked out as she has 48k on her!!

    Got a Mate that can undercut my gears back over east for a good price, but If I can get it done over here for a good price that would be good not having to send them over... But if I send them over I still want someone over here to check out the rest and give it a refresh if need be....

    Any info would be tops..

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    Gavin Carlini (Mobile Motorcycle Medic - 0417 945 557) has done a couple of bikes for our race team (2001 R1), and done a brilliant job.

    You could also look at Kamahl (Ktech Racing) as he is a site sponsor as well, or alternatively some of the other site sponsors such as 5 Star Yamaha etc......
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      Kahmal at K-Tec has always sorted me out. I take all my bikes there now.
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        Cheers for the replys guys.

        Will these guys be able to sort out the undercutting of gears aswell?
        Do they charge a good rate?


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          mate I'm quite new to the forum too but not to perth.
          talk to many people, but the mechanics at causeway honda are hard to beat.
          I know causeway is a slick salesman's territory, but try talking to the head mechanic at honda causeway. Personal honest service. simple.
          good luck


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            For the undercutting I would suggest Gav from GD engineering (he is a psb member), he has received nothing but rave reviews.
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              Grumma Racing in Kenwick. very proffesional and very capable mechanic's highly recomended. they have allways done the righty by me.
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                Cheers I'll check them out... Thanks