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VTwin losing a cylinder

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  • VTwin losing a cylinder

    I’ll be riding in 6th gear cruising then all of a sudden it’s running on one cylinder… sometimes I can kick it down to 5th and it’s still on one cylinder... 80km/h ~ 7000rpm or so. Sometimes I can slip the clutch and drop it at 10,000rpm and then all of a sudden it’s back on two cylinders again. Sometimes it will go off for a while then boom power back again.

    When it’s gotten warm after riding for some time, the idle seems a lot worse. It’s idling at about 1,000rpm or something and I feel turning it up to 2,000rpm would sort it out but unsure of the standard idle on a motorbike. I understand quite a bit about cars, but not everything about motorbikes yet unfortunately.

    In regards to troubleshooting this issue I am thinking to start with the following:

    Remove fuel tank – inspect fuel lines, inspect and replace fuel filter
    Remove sparkplugs and inspect to find out which cylinder
    Test coil and lead impedance (Ideally replace leads)
    Remove, test and clean carbs – Apparently these were tested prior to purchase and they weren’t the cause of the problem… but it could be a sticking carb needle or something minor so might as well check this and clean the carbs/manifolds at the same time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have my R-E test on Wednesday and this bike isn’t reliable enough to take it there for the test now so I might have to reschedule. Hopefully they will have another test in about two weeks or so. Last time took three weeks to reschedule Welshpool.
    Originally posted by darkfibre
    Just sync the oil changes with her monthly cycle and get all the grumpyness over with, leaving the rest of the month clear sailing.