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Jump starting???

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  • Jump starting???

    my bike has being lying up since xmas and brand new battery has went flat so i jump started it of car yest and it fired up ok... BUT the positive terminal started smoking up??

    i passed no remarks jus thought it musta hit of the frame and earthed itself..
    So i just removed the jump leads and went out for a ride when i stopped to get fuel i thought it would of recharged enough to start but no nothin so bump start and away....

    however this morn i went to jump start again and nothin wont even turn lights in clocks on i tried with a push an nothing. even pulled a battery out of another bike and it wont light up either.. i checked the main fuses beside the battery and there all ok any ideas what it could b???

    by the way its an 88 GSXR 750...

    Cheers Colin

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    Main relay perhaps?
    Check earth straps?

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      all sorted there was a trip switch thingy reset in and then it started up alight with jump leads... time for new battery and a trickel charger any recomendations????


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        Originally posted by collie View Post
        time for new battery and a trickel charger any recomendations????
        I bought a CTek trickle charger a few years ago, and it's been brilliant.

        I think I got the MXS 3.6 - MXS 3.6 - CTEK SWEDEN AB - which has since been replaced with the MXS 3600.

        It comes with plug adapters to clamp it directly onto a battery, or to fit a plug on your battery when you install it, allowing easy connect / disconnect from the bike, without pulling the seat off.

        I mostly use it just to keep the bike's battery charged & conditioned when I'm not riding it over winter, but it's versatile enough that I've also used it to recharge the wife's car battery after she left the lights on overnight.