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URGENT - Contacts for Trackdayz Instructor

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  • URGENT - Contacts for Trackdayz Instructor

    I was at level 1 today and my mate had a nasty off late in the afternoon.
    The head instructor for group 1 (I think his name is Chris ??) very kindly took the damaged bike home, and will drop it at my place tommorow.
    Problem is that my mate's keys are still in the bike and he needs medication urgently that he can't get without getting his keys back.
    If anyone has the contacts for this instructor (he lives in Lesmurdie) it would be very much appreciated.

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    His username is Grin, his wife is Roogirl and son is GrinJr - group PM to all? I will try to see what contacts I have which may lead to Chris's number...


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      Hope your mate is ok. PM'd you Brendon from Trackdayz number but if anyone has Chris' that would be more useful. I thought I overheard Chris saying he wasn't heading home tonight?
      Break in to the house / head to hospital / 24 hour chemist?


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        Number obtained (with consent) and PM sent. G'luck

        PS: was it the ZX-9?


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          Just got back from Joondalup emergency department. Bruised, sore and lucky to not have spinal. Bike is written off. AndyS is a legend mate and just delivered me home after getting shit I needed from bike. Tired, need sleep.


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            Glad to hear you are ok, pity about the bike What level were you in??