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HELP!! broken bike syndrome

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  • HELP!! broken bike syndrome

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to perth n hav brought an 07 Yamaha R1 since being here! its an everyday rider and on the weekend started having gear changing problems!
    so it would b great help if sum1 has an idea of wat may be wrong or knows a good but yet fair priced bike mechanic that maybe b able to help me with this problem.
    I waz just goin threw the gears but it would,t go into 5th or 6th! even when bike waz stationary n not running it would go down into 1st into 2nd,3rd but clunk inbto 4th n wouldnt go any further!! :-( any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanx ppls!!

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    check and change your oil first before you get someone to have a look at it.


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      You may have bent a selector fork. Some bikes it is possible to get at them by dropping the sump...if yours isn't one of these and it is selector fork related then it is a full engine out tear down. It would be nice if all you had to do was change the oil and do by all means try this but I seriously doubt that oil will be the problem as it goes into the other gears. One other thing to try would be is the clutch. Does it fully disengage...arn't these bikes a cable operated clutch.... What mileage have you got plus has the bike been abused??? One other thing to check is the gear lever linkage...some have an external pawl and dogged wheel system on the end of the selector drum that can cause problems similar to what you are experiencing

      Good luck
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        It does sound like a bent selector fork but its best to get oit checked out properly.

        Call Gavin Carlini 0417945557, he can come to you and check it over.
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