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  • Furries?


    As I was putting my bike together at 3am this morning and installing my screen spikes (cos i shit bats) my mind wandered and I realised for a VERY long time I had not seen a fur bike on the road?

    Has the old school fur bikes faded from existence, does anyone on PSB still rock the fur?

    Or is it just not cool anymore?

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    I haven't seen one for a while, go for it tiger! (or zebra, or leopard or cow or...)
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      AFAIK Ben's helmet is the only remaining remnant of PSB fur ATM... so we're relying on you to resurrect the animal sportbike!

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        I did always think the fur was pretty awesome (but I am certified *literally*) so my idea of cool is usually way off

        Always thought a green fur ZX7 with white mohawk would rock the casbah. It definately looks best on bigger fatter bikes, think it would be a bit naff on the 600rr... but Zerba could work...... mmmmm


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          Yes, a ZX7 would work really well, the round lights would make good eyes
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            *pokes barfridge and points at his zx-7*

            Mates got an old CBR 919? in his shed, his bro went over sea's, I might have to speak to him.


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              nah, I'm pretty conservative with my bikes.
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                Still has the PM from Magenta Tiger telling me to Fur the mighty cow and providing instructions to boot.....makes me smile and then


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                  Anyone feel like posting up some old pics so I can catch up on this conversation?


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                    This week spotted a furry Elmo helmet so there's at least one of them out there still.


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                      The next mad bike should be a furrie
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                        Just don’t do it in Leopard, anything else is good, but Leopard just screams “Trailer Trash”.


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                          Wow. Totally thought this thread was going in an entirely different direction.
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                            Hard to post

                            RIP Gordy

                            even harder to edit with the words from Gordy
                            Magenta Tiger

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                            Re:With what do I stick it.. dear Liza etc

                            Contact adhesive is the go, not the spray on either, I got the 1 litre cans from bunnings. Cut the fur to roughly the shape needed, It does stretch a bit but there are some spots where you will have to cut a wrinkle and match the edges back up. You have to liberally coat both surfaces and let it dry till its touch dry/tacky. I used a large paint brush to spread it on the fairing and a wide scraper to cover the fur. Dont push to hard with the scraper cause you can force the glue through the backing cloth and into the fur which is an open weave. Try it on the guard first to get the hang of it. The less joins in the fairings the better, Ive worked out I can leave the top and bottom fairings fixed together and remove them in one piece over the front wheel. Just make sure theyre fixed together well as these things have a reputation for vibration. Where you need a hole for a fixing I used a soldering iron to melt through the fur once its all glued down.
                            Mineral turpentine will dissolve the glue if you ever have to remove the fur. Any more questions just ask. Happy furring

                            Treasured PM from Gordy...................
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                              I have never heard of this before. Is this what we're talking about?

                              29 Furry Motorcycles and Scooters from Bikes in the Fast Lane - Daily Motorcycle News