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Spare K1/K2 RHS Gix1000 fairing if anyone needs for Trackday

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  • Spare K1/K2 RHS Gix1000 fairing if anyone needs for Trackday

    With the trackday looming and me having no luck selling it on ebay I have a K1 RHS fairing so If someone wants to borrow this for the track day by all means let me know.. First one can be the lucky one.. and since Waneroo is all right handers...

    And if you drop it well lets say you bought it for a discount price of $200..

    OH and should I accidently push you onto that side remember it was an accident ;p

    But seriously if you want to ease your mind with not fowling up your street dress let me know its no good sitting in my garage.

    Also If someone has a trailer I have a good toolbox and stands to take along =) Everything you'd need to make last minutes adjustments
    Will you insure me?!

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    No - one want this as a "just-in-case"???
    Or no one rides gixxers??

    Might have to get this moved to the trackday forum.
    Will you insure me?!


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      Had much offer from ebay?


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        Not one bite.
        Aussie Ebay sucks for bikes etc.. compare it to the USA one where u can buy any new bike piece by piece.

        Like I said its a free loaner to anyone who is a little worries of rashing up their nice plastics. I have tools etc to swap the thing over which will only take 10 mins.. so yeah..

        Like I said before first one that wants it for the trackday can have it
        U can buy me a beer if u feel guilty hehe... i wont mind too much
        Will you insure me?!