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MX Bars VS Clipons, A question for Street Triple riders.

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  • Not-So-Rad
    planning on it! thanks.

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  • Commander Keen
    Most non-sports bikes will have a riser or 'one piece' handlebar. It makes a bike easier to control at lower speeds and allows a more upright seating position for more relaxed riding. Having said that the handlebar son the standard street aren't too wide or high so it shouldn't be too much of a culture shock for you, plus it makes wheelies easier.

    You should take one for a ride to see if you can get comfortable on it before seriously thinking about buying.

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  • MX Bars VS Clipons, A question for Street Triple riders.

    I am in the process of searching for what my REAL bike will be, and have grown to like the Triumph Street Triple, after initially looking ugly it kind of grew on me.
    I still have to ride one so I can't work this out for myself, the only thing that I was hung up on about the bike was its handlebars.

    Are they better or worse than clip on handlebars?
    Are there any advantages/disadvantages/things they can't do?
    Basically - I've never seen that type of handlebar on any other bike, so i wanted to know why they have those bars rather than the type on my bike.

    Thanks guys!