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Mandurah city yamaha.

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  • Twigs
    Nice mob in Mandurah bike wise, every shop I've been into have been great. I've been into the Fifth Element Kawasaki- people are really nice and will spend the time with you to chat.
    Another great place is Witch Cycles (Suzuki) in Rockingham, great bunch their as well, very nice and took time out for me and the old man to pick out jackets and gloves for me at a reasonable price range. My dad got his C109r from their and has had a great service every time.
    JCS is also great, I haven't been in their yet- but my dad again, lived their for a little while practically!
    The blokes at the Honda in Midland (no clue what it's called off the top of my head) were a nice bunch, helping out my boyfriend's brother and dad and taking out the time most people don't normally do anymore.

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  • take2
    started a topic Mandurah city yamaha.

    Mandurah city yamaha.

    i would just like to say what a great experience i had had in dealing with these guys. i bought my 08 r6 new from them, and recently when working on my bike, changing the sprockets, i noticed that the rear was not pulling up straight ( that is one side was probably sitting 3-4mm further out from the rim then the opposite side ). when the wheel was turning it give the appearance that the sprocket was bent. after spending a good week of afternoons fitting and removing, measuring and re torquing everything a thousand times i gave in and took the bike in. turns out the rim was actually defective from the factory, and has since been replaced free of charge EVEN though the bike is out of warranty.

    so once again a big thumbs up to these guys for great service.