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Where to take Mrs. Suzuki for her service?

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  • Where to take Mrs. Suzuki for her service?

    All these posts re LLoyds crapness makes me wonder and cringe..
    So where am I best to take my bike for a PRO suzy service?

    Savage suzuki?
    Which mechanic makes ur gixxer purrrr???

    Will you insure me?!

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    and dont HAVE to take your bike to a suzuki dealer.. just coz its a zookie.... try MDH Tuning on 08 9361 2800...
    ive heard nuttin but goodness from them...and i think there in vic park...kinda central

    good luck


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      Take it to Cauesway, they've always done a good job for me.


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        I get Causway Honda to servce mine.

        Having said that, Kawasaki Northside's mechanic has been in the industry since Russel Speak Waneroo Motorcycle days so that would also be an option.

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          bought my gixa from savage and had no probs with them, even try northside kwaka like deej said.


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            Take it to Cauesway, they've always done a good job for me.
            My Kwaka goes to causeway.. they always do a good job for me.

            I got no complaints about them.
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              my mate goes to the suzuki in vic park (mc cullock or something?) he recons they are pretty good


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                Yeah I heard good things bout mccullock re suzy service. Vic at Motorcycle electrics was telling me..

                I'll prob try them out first ... they are also realistic on prices..

                a quote for a K&N Air filter for the gix was 115$
                LLoyds was $138.

                haven't asked any others yet.

                I just always assume guys who specialise in a brand are always more alert of things that go wrong with particular models etc..
                Will you insure me?!