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Help-need scrap bike for project

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  • Help-need scrap bike for project

    Hoping the Perth Street Bike scence can help us out.

    We are looking for a DONATOR of an old school street bike, for conversion to a Modified Drag bike.

    We are hoping to build the bike over the next few years (or faster if we can manage it!)
    and on the track ready to race shortly after completion.

    We are basically looking for a "junker" bike, that we can resurrect and bring new life to.
    So if you, or you know of anyone who does, have on old school bike, just laying around, going to waste, let us know.

    And of course, when the bike is completed, we can come to an arrangement, to get yourself (or family) involved in the race team on race days, or even look at some exposure for any private business or organisation you may be involved in. WE BELIEVE IN PAYING IT FORWARD.

    We have attached a few pictures of the type/style of bike we are interested in, and hopefully that will help you out.

    We are contactable at

    [email protected]


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    Thanks guys!!
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    can anyone help??


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      Who is we?


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        Me my brother, and a mate of ours. We will be forming our own race team around said bike, once completed.


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          If you havent got a $1000 bucks for an old bike,how are you going to run a race team?
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            As a prospective investor, what is your history with racing projects? Where can I see your portfolio and history?
            such comment
            many post


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              I am going to a smart arse here!!

              When I was being employed by the trusty services of the government we got stickers made for our drift cars...

              Team Centrelink - Powered by your hard earned dollar!

              Used to get everyone laughing and other a little annoyed specially when we would beat a cheque book racer around a circuit.

              Sorry for the slight highjack of your thread.

              Anything can be done, all you have to do is look in the right place and for those who have the knowledge to help with the fun...

              anyhow Goodluck with your project.

              Peace out


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                Any reason why all you sample bikes are shaft drive?

                With chain its easier to lengthen the swingarm and change ratios. Also the wheel rims are limited which may then restrict tyre choices.
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