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Choosing the best 600cc+ sports bike..

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  • Choosing the best 600cc+ sports bike..

    Hey guys!
    The names Steph.

    Basically, i know i've just gotten my license a bit over a week ago, but i'm always wondering what i'm going to get once my long, slow year is up.. and i know a few of the options i've seen, but i could be missing a really sexy bike, or i could choose the wrong one. So i'm just asking for help on listing every supersports bike, that's 600cc+ and about 1000cc max, full fairing and that's about it.

    I've got so far :

    Kawasaki ZX-6R
    Daytona Triple 675
    Yamaha YZF-R6

    Personally i think they all look really nice, but i'd love to know the pro's and con's about them. Speed isn't really i big issue for me, because they'd all be fast enough, but basically height and looks is what i'm after. Also they vary in the years, If anyone could let me know what year the bikes are best looking in, that'd be great!
    Also, i'm looking at the range 600-1000, like there are GSX-R750's which look nice, and Ducati 848's are really sexy, although i'd have to save up a bit more.. and if there are any other 750's or around my range, with full fairing and also look sexy, please list them down.

    So if you could just let me know what year, and model they are and engine size, i can check everything out and compare them Then start saving for what i'm after.

    And hopefully after i get some lists on my thread, then i'll be sure i'm not missing any really nice bikes out there!

    Thanks for your help, and please no rude comments..^_^
    Grumpasaurus Rex ^_^

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    Eleven and three quarter months is more than enough time to change your mind about eleventy billion times. Worry about your next bike when the time comes to upgrade.

    For now focus on the one one thing you will take with you from bike to bike: that's the rider. Having the best bike in the world under you wont't mean squat if you don't know how to use it.

    Book yourself in for some advanced riding courses, trackdays, whatever you can to improve your skills.
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      Don't worry about them as 12 months will go by and the manufacturer might release a new build which further decreases the value of the previous model. Plus when you have a bike sitting at home you will be tempted to ride it and when we find out, trust me you will be getting a spanking


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        also looks = subjective, seat height = go sit on one, pros and cons = lotsa videos on youtube, best = go ride em all and you'll find out.


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          Why does this always get asked???

          No one else could possibly tell you what the best bike for YOU is, this is something only you can find out by trying the ones you think look nice and shiney and see if they ride as pretty as they look

          you have a good list, so in a years time get your big licence and go try them out, then you'll know the answer to your above question
          enjoy your year of learning the basics


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            How much do you want to spend? MV Agusta F3 675

            In before the "get a striple/'busa" post.


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              Well i'm actually posting this asking people's opinions on these certain bikes, and what they like. And i have tried looking up on google and youtube and and all that, but i can only look up the bikes that i know exist, which i have, so i'm just trying to find others that are similar that i dont know about. So if anyone can help me with that and not explain how i shouldn't be thinking about it, that'd be awesome.

              I'm not actually going to get one hell soon and ride it illegally. I'm going to get lessons in a few months, get my L's etc, but at the moment i want to suss out the different years and models. And even when they bring out a new one in a years time, i'd probably be getting one of the bikes a few years before, because of prices and all that.
              Grumpasaurus Rex ^_^


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                White GSX-R 750

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                  Like DS said, nobody can tell you what is the best bike for you. Only you will know what is right for you. It will either feel right when you sit on it or ride it or you will look at it and just know you have to have it.

                  Or you could just buy an 07/08 ZX-6, they are teh awesome and I own one so clearly its the best.


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                    rather than doing all that which puts you in the devil's temptations why not learn to love and enjoy the bike you current have? I guarantee you pretty much will always have more fun on a 250 than on a bigger bike if you know how to ride.

                    like barfy said book yourself into a track day or ARD and have fun or even just coming to the country rides will hopefully teach you a thing or two about riding


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                      Husqvarna - SMR 449 to go with your sewing machine!
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                        I hear white GSXR750s are nice.

                        Edit: Dammit, Roger!

                        Fine, since I've been beaten, I'll actually post something useful.

                        The GSX-R600 is a bland and awful bike, don't buy it.
                        The CBR600RR is a bland but predictable bike. It's good for the road, and like all bikes you've listed shouldn't get you in more trouble than you can handle as long as you aren't trying to pin the throttle constantly.
                        I haven't ridden the current R6 or ZX6R. Both have received good reviews, however I wouldn't recommend either of them because...

                        600s tend to be pretty shitty for road use. They make fine track bikes, and their fans can defend them until they turn blue in the face. The fact remains that they have shitty low down torque, and even their low down power delivery is somewhat lacking... This isn't so much a flaw in the design, as a flaw in the rider's application of the smaller sports bikes.

                        The Daytona 675 is probably the best of the lot because they have that extra low down torque, which makes for a much better ride at legal speeds, whilst still being more than competitive on the track - if that floats your boat. The 675R adds downright impressive brakes and suspension to the package, making for an all rounder on a level that you probably couldn't get any of the above 600s to for the same price.

                        Do take into account the fact that most of the sports bikes have slightly different seating positions/styles of seats/bar positions. Just because the Daytona is probably the better all rounder, it does not mean the ergonomics of the bike will suit you, nor that it will be the best bike for you.
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                          Don't worry about 600cc MC. Get a CBR1000rr or a R1 or a Gsxr750 or all three. Well I'm telling you GSXR750 is the best, it handle like a 600 but more powerful.


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                            Read plenty of reviews on the bikes (on line, magazines etc etc) find out what's good, what's not so good and what's bad about each model.
                            Take some time to get used to riding, go on group rides, rides with friends, trips out to the country, rides along the coast.
                            Do Advanced Rider courses, Trackdayz and whatever else you can get into.

                            At the end of the first year you will have a better idea of what you like, dislike, what sort of riding most appeals to you and how you want to spend your time on 2 wheels.
                            All this, together with all the reviews that you have read with give you a starting list of possible bikes, then ride every one of them.


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                              Purely on looks? While a subjective question, it's a new one...

                              I'd say sexiest supersport bike would be the 05/06 ZX-6R in candy plasma blue. The Daytona 675 comes a close second, the first generation had nicer decals than the later ones.