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Running in a 2 smoke

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  • Running in a 2 smoke

    Please don't laugh.

    I've just purchased a fully reconditioned Vespa out of Vietnam. They have done a wonderful job on it and it is better than new. The orignal 1968 manual recommends running 2% oil.

    For running in should I run a higher percentage, if so for how long. Its only 150cc and will be used for commuting. How long before should switch over to using a synthetic?

    The plan is to keep it long term, have it as bit of an investment and alot of fun.

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    Stick with the 2% religeously ,otherwise it will foul the plug. I dont know that there is a running in period for 2 strokes just avoid prolonged periods at one speed for the 1st few hundred klms.
    I wouldnt bother wasting my money on synth for a 1968 2 stroke,you are just pumping it out the exhaust pipe.
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      ^ Thumber humper summarised it pretty well. If they recommend you to use 2% oil then you better stick to that. In regards to synthetic or not, the engine's just going to burn it so it'll end up a waste of money.

      On another note, how much did you get it for?


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        2% is 50:1
        dont skimp on the oil, there is not a lot in it.
        Silkolene "ride" 15 bucks a litre at supercheap, cant go wrong
        As stated above dont sit at constant rpm whilst running in, work it a little.
        Do a couple of heat cycles, let it idle up to temp and turn it off and let it cool down.
        Lets everything bed in.
        If its a new top end give it 30-50 km, crankshaft 500km.
        Have fun


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          Cheers gents, thanks for the advice. I'll go to supercheap in the weekend to pick up 4 litres.

          There are allot people restoring Vespas in Vietnam, depending on quality and what you want done its going to cost USD 1800-2800 + import permit and 1k for rip off customs charges and port handling charges. Idd love to find a way to lower the cost for the import fees, as I'm going to grab another 2, 1 for the mrs and one for the eldist.

          Do your research on the company you decide to use. The quality of the end result and the service you get varies according to price. I used a company called Vintage Collections. They were brillaint, every e-mail was answered within 24 hours, when the bike was late the let me know as as it became a problem and the quality of the restoration was fantastic.

          Manufacture is 6-8 weeks and shipping is 3 weeks.


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            Did you have much trouble with the import part?
            I have looked at importing a bike from japan. Do you mind me asking which field you used to get it in? Did you have to provide a letter from the seller?