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  • When will it happen here?

    Copied this from the shadow forum,thought it might be of interest
    Heard this snippet from a forum mate here in SA. Police are now targeting motorcyclists in the Adelaide Hills to the extent, you could almost say, of harassment. A group riding on the weekend, all being sensible, were out cruising and the whole lot were waved over – about 6 bikes. All the guys are experienced riders (35+ yrs) and all keep their bikes in good condition, registered, insured etc.

    Spotty-faced young orificer strides up to the group and says: “OK, which one of you guys wants to be defected first?” WTF???

    They were ALL issued defect notices for the most trivial things – eg one guy’s front tyre was just approaching the wear marker, but was defected for insufficient tread. Another was defected because his rego sticker was in one of those tube-thingies, rather than the traditional rectangular plastic holder. Someone else had a fender eliminator kit on his Bonnie, & was defected.

    Now, does this just seem like plain old bastardry to anyone else? Who would have given this directive? It certainly isn’t in the interests of community policing. It’s well-known that Premier Rann is very anti-motorcycle – he lumps everyone, whether on a 250 or a $35k+ superbike, in with the 1%-ers that they’ve been trying so hard to force off the road or out of the state.

    My understanding is that whether you dispute the defect notice or not (ie take it to court), you still have to go through the hassle of booking your bike through inspection at Regency Park to get it “undefected” and it can cost about $300.

    Of course, if they issue thousands of defect notices and clog up the inspectors, that means you can’t get your bike through within the requisite time period (14days? IIRC) – which then means you either get fined further for riding an “unroadworthy” motorcycle, or you have to go through the arse-ache of transporting it there via trailer or large ute etc.

    In light of Skynet comments recently, it would appear that South Oz is now even more under the influence of Big Brother. This, in my opinion, seems to be a concerted, and underhand way, of forcing bikes off the road.

    I don’t like the direction this could take: either folk will give up riding if it gets bad enough, or will effectively become criminals when they refuse to comply with such an insidious agenda.

    Will keep across this and let you all know what the go is. I’m bound to be targeted soon as an outlaw myself, as even though I don’t ride a Harley, it is a V-twin cruiser and to inexperienced Hitler-youth “they all look the same”.

    How does the old saying go? “At first, they came for the gypsies, but I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t a gypsy. Then they came for the gays, but I said nothing because I wasn’t gay. Then they came for the Jews, but I didn’t care because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the doctors, lawyers, teachers, opposition politicians and intellectuals, but I still said nothing because I was just a factory worker. Then they came for me – and there was nothing I could do because there was no-one left to speak out for me…”

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    Honestly, the only way to stop the bullshit is to start weilding a political stick.
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      happens here . now and again


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        It was happening here in the 70s. If cops didnt like your face while you were sitting outside a hamburger joint late at night,you got a sticker.
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