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The road to Jarrahdale and Canning Dam.

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  • The road to Jarrahdale and Canning Dam.

    Went up Nettleton rd this morning through to Jarrahdale. Watch out for dead roos on the rd. The rd is also very bumpy at the Jarrahdale end. Also cut through Canning Dam rd and could not believe the amount of cyclists on this rd today. They were a danger at some times being 3 abreast on each side taking up the whole rd, and when you come around a blind bend and are presented with this, it is bullshit! But it was a good morning for a ride.
    Lets ride....

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    Yeah some parts of that road give the suspension a real workout. Very nice riding down that way early in the morning. Rarely see any cyclists though..


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      There was a five dams push bike ride on, Henderson the cyclist . That road has always been very bumpy
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