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    So i put some new rubber on the old girl today and had to "scrub " them. Ended up going tru Nettlton rd and Kingsbury drive down Serpentine Dam way. Got me thinkin' what roads do you use to get rid of that waxy shit on your new tyres?

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    Whatever is closest oh :O that means O'Briens


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      the commute to work does it for me. slower in the cool morning and push a bit harder in the arvo as the road has more heat in it
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        get the RHS done nicely at a nice big roundabout. Connolly drive has a string of them that you can run between for apex practice, but prepping the LHS is best done at the entry from Shenton onto the Mitchell Fwy south at about 200 with the back wheel slipping slowly sideways. Alternatively, hone your inner lemming by doing roundabouts anticlockwise.
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          Originally posted by storm boy View Post
          Got me thinkin' what roads do you use to get rid of that waxy shit on your new tyres?
          As a side note there is no such thing as a wax, mould release agent, preservative or any other variation of the theme on new tyres, they are slippery simply because they are perfectly smooth and the road surface isn't. Once you scrub the initial layer of rubber off you increase the surface area of the tyres contact patch significantly and also improve its ability to match the surface of the road.
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