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Sicked and Tired of being a cashcow? Contesting Infringments

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  • Sicked and Tired of being a cashcow? Contesting Infringments

    I was given an infringement for travelling 75 in a 60 zone ...........[B]On the canning h/way to kwinana freeway ram.....About 50-100m before the 100zone[B]

    I am so sick and tired of the police trying to milk cash from us and in tend to contest this in court. Just wondering if any members out there had experiences contesting infringements in court (self represented)...

    If I lose what is the potential increase in penalty and what are other costs I should worry about?

    I intend to start this thread as a reference for other members who face similar injustice as well! So anyone with experience please contribute and hopefully working together we can bring this unjust system to an end.
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    You were speeding. You know you were speeding, and so do the police. Good luck with it.
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      Do you have a blue TL ?
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        You aren't allowed to speed up into a faster zone until you pass the sign. Good luck to you but you will lose.
        Originally posted by Desmo
        Why be a cunt about it?


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          On what grounds are you contesting?


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            Injustice? Getting caught doing 75 in a 60 (regardless where it is) is speeding.

            Yep, I do speed occasionaly and if/when I get caught I won't whine about it.


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              Cop the fine. It's not worth the hassle and you will eventually lose in court costing you a shitload in cash.


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                Well, if nobody does anything to contest and queitly accept the fine then things are only going to get worse... I am doing this to prove to the police and the govt that we motorists are not going to stay queit as they continue to find more and more devious means of milking us.

                I you think I should cop the fine well you are entitled to your opinion but I do hope people with real experience can share something on this website. Even today-tonight has accused the cops of revenue raising using speed detection devices deviously.

                Apparently, I just spoke to a solicitor and he said that in the worse case even if I lose I need to fork out an extra $150 police prosecution fee. If this is so then I will be taking the $150 risk ..... because it is about standing up for what I think is right.
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                  Also, I do not know for sure if I was speeding but it doesn't feel so - I was too busy looking out for merging traffic and try to get safely on the freeway. For those of you who know the canning highway ramp I am sure you are aware it is pretty much criss cross traffic with those leaving and entering the freeway.

                  All I know is that I was riding safely at a reasonable speed - I would not have been riding safely if I had glued by eyes on the speedo.
                  Two heads are better than one and two wheels are better than four


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                    So you will attacking from along the line of - increasing your speed so as to be doing the correct speed (100) when you merge so as not to slow the left hand lane of the freeway any more than it is??


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                      You were caught speeding.
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                        Standing up for What is right? tell me was it right that you were speeding NO did the police do the job and fine you YES is this a stupid thread that has been done before YES are you whining like a b***h YES
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                          No - Firstly I believe that I was not speeding and that the instrument was in error. The police were using a LTI 2020 handheld radar which is very open to error. That is my case - The police has to prove theirs - Further there was a car crisscrossing me to get onto Manning Rd while I went onto the Fwy. Obviously they cannot stop the other car if they had detected it because they were afetr the exit.
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                            Originally posted by fortmax7771 View Post
                            - The police has to prove theirs
                            No, they really don't. The police already made their 'case' when they handed you a ticket.

                            You're going to waste the beaks time, the cops time and the courts time and you'll be hit with court costs, which are minimal.

                            If all you've got to go on is claiming the cops speed measurement device is faulty, you're fucked and *seriously* wasting your time with a court appearance.
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                              I am suprised at the responses that I ma receiving. Even today tonight and many others have already criticised the enforcement here for being excessive.

                              No wonder the govt can succeed because people submit. What happened to the sprit of fighting for one's right that democracy is based on.

                              Also contacted Scott of and he believes that there is a good fight in this case. I am prepared to lose an extra $150 if I lose. My aim is not that I do not want to pay - I want to show the legislators and police that we will not sit queitly as they continue to milk us for cash.
                              Two heads are better than one and two wheels are better than four