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handy forum for those with disabilitys

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  • handy forum for those with disabilitys

    not sure on the etiquette of recommending of bike forums on here but i feel this one is worth mentioning

    Disabledbiker Forum :: Index

    has some handy info for those of us that have continued to ride after serious injury etc.
    Every one has a story.....

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    wheel chairs . on trike scooters are popular in sydney


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      Had a quick read, and although am not disabled ,I thought it to be a cool site. Makes you realise how much of a pussy you are when you whinge about a sore back or sore wrists!
      Don't see many disabled crew riding over here [well I don't] , but shit it would be cool to get a few more blokes/ladies back on...
      Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.