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The dumbest noob questions you've ever asked

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  • The dumbest noob questions you've ever asked

    This thread, and many like it, have me thinking of all the stupid ideas I've ever had when it comes to motorbikes.

    So what's yours? I know there are some wise people here who didn't start out so wise!

    (PS: 'Yours' = the ones you thought of, not the one your second cousin's third brother's neighbour's dead wife read on


    2001: "Hey, I've got this FZR600 but it looks old and tired, can I change the suspension to jack it up so it looks more modern?" (Answer: Yes but don't because it will fuck your handling, spend your time servicing the forks etc instead.)

    2003: Hey, this CBR needs more flush-mount indicators. (Result: Horrible holes in fairing, ineffective, ugly, irritating indicators and me going back to the stock units about 6 weeks later.)

    Any others?
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    Spending far to much money building a motard...

    Only to strip it down sell everything off and buy an SXV550...

    You live and you learn...


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      Not enough room on the server for all my acts of stupidity.

      In the beginning, decided to oil the chain on my SR250 the same way I was told to oil the chain on my push bike. Take it off and soak it in oil. (At lease I didn’t use cooking oil). Then went for a ride, proud of my handy work.

      It took me ages to clean the oil off every thing, and I never got it out of my jeans. Every bike I have had since then has had a shaft.
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        I think you guys are failing at the basic meaning of the word "Question".


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          lobes, in my sig

          followed by a "what do you think ?" ^_^ Me: "I think your doing it wrong "
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          Originally posted by lobes89
          Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever


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            Yeah...we are following Resists lead...

            He fucked it first...


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              It's true, I did - re-title coming.
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                Mine when starting out.

                Can I turbo a GSX250?

                Can I put a 400cc Motor in it?
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                  What the hell? I can't find the 'edit' button on the original post, but I can on my comment.
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                    Can now only edit threads within 15 minutes of posting them.


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                      Oh crap. In that case, disregard title, insert "Dumbest noob question/noob mod" instead.
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                        What kind of oil do you use on your chain? Mechanic- Chain oil.
                        Who knew?
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                          I think I just asked it then. What's TBA?
                          To Be Advised... Durrr.
                          and I've asked a bunch of really stupid questions to do with bikes...thankfully my dad and boyfriend were nice about it and explained it for me without laughing in my face


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                            10 months ago...

                            Why do you want to ride on windy roads? I hate the wind!!