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250 Zeal seat removal

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  • 250 Zeal seat removal

    Again with my noob problems..

    I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the pillion seat off so i can get under the seat.

    Ive found the helmet lock which unlocks the the left and ive tried turning it to the right but it wont budge and i dont want to snap my key since i dont hav a spare yet.

    Anyone know what im supposed to be doing?

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    Try jiggling the key and turning the other way. My seat lock can be a bit finicky and it looks as though that's the way to go...

    From HERE

    Have you tried turning the lock in both directions? On my bike turning the key one way undoes the helmet lock and the other way unlocks the seat.
    Yep, turning the key in the other direction flipped up the pillion seat, then I could easily take off the larger seat.

    That was pretty dopey of me.

    Thanks guys
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      Turn the key right mate - push down on the back of the pillion seat (where the lock is) and the key will turn easier. It's spring loaded so the spring pushes against the lock to make it harder to turn, when you push down it compresses the spring and take the pressure of the lock so it turns easy.