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to keep fzr or not???

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  • to keep fzr or not???

    So..... i have myself a fzr 250 (2kr) it screams is pretty light and loads of fun...... I travel around 160km a day to work and arms and all are pretty sore by the end of the day. I would like some opinions on either keeping it or getting something else reasonably cheap, as the only spare dosh i have is the money i would get from selling it..... i am not really into the cruiser look either. i would sooner be uncomfortable (stubbornly) than ride one. I just like sports bikes too much.
    Bikes are not my hobby.....Their my life.

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    just wanting opinions on other bikes that u guys may own or reccomend that sporty enough yet comfortable in the 250 range...
    Bikes are not my hobby.....Their my life.


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      Its going to be hard selling your current bike,getting a new one and getting to work and back while you do it.
      One mans comfortable bike is agony for another,you have to get out and test them.

      What makes your arms sore,is it leaning forward on the bars?
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        yeah i guess? long straight line travelling man. elbows kill me afterwards... cant really change bars or anything as fairings dont allow for much customisation.....
        Bikes are not my hobby.....Their my life.