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Dual purpose bikes - Agricultural, trail, dual-cross?!? What is out there...

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  • Dual purpose bikes - Agricultural, trail, dual-cross?!? What is out there...

    Hey guys,
    I am after a dual purpose bike. But I am not even sure what it is called. Some people call them agricultural bikes, or trail bikes or dual-cross bikes.

    Basically I want a offroad bike that has mirrors and is registered for road use.

    So I call upon the power and knowledge of perth street bikes, can you guys please let me know what brands make which models of bikes that meet this purpose and what the category of bike is called. And which are good.

    Thanks in advance
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    Honda xlv750r ftw! V-twin shaft drive etc.

    Though good luck finding one

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      Dual purpose seems a good definition....

      Think kawasaki KR650, Suzuki Vstrom, Bmw FG800, Yamaha Tenere , just off the top of my head.


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        KTM Adventure ... have a poke around here Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum


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          Road trail?


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            I am sort of after these bikes. Leaning towards a 250cc
            I <3 motorsport, in both car and bike forms


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              The Suzuki DR400 would be a good choice. They've been around for years, are light and reliable. It'll cope with most situations.
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                what no orange!


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                  i'd go with the DRZ or the KLX i've had both they're value for money all rounders, KTM and yamaha are better but could be higher maintenance and much higher purchase price.
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                    The bikes Xuaxace and agrid mentioned are good, but if you genuinely want a dirt bike with rego, then they are big heavy pigs with a serious bias toward the tarmac. I'd go with slug and filbert. Pick one of the Japo models that has been around forever - they're bullet proof and cheap.
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                      Unless your a midget,the 250cc might become a little underpowered quickly.In the 250cc I would go for the Yamaha TTR250. In the 400cc I might look at the Honda XR400,but none of the Jap bikes will let you down.

                      As for the AG bikes,not many of them seem to be road legal these days but they maybe grey imports Ive was looking at.
                      Anyway,AG bikes are for farms and really designed for slow manouvres.Some of them used to have dual range gearboxes.
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                        Ag bikes are ultra reliable, ultra easy to ride, and ultra slow. As in the top speed of our honda ct200 bikes is around 80km/h. on the flipside, they need little to no maintenance, they will start first time every time, and they are very strong.

                        Dual sports bikes are a lot faster, something like the XR or KLR models should be cheap thrills, or at the top end you have BMW and their GS range for $20'000+. Hand warmers don't come cheap.
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                          I have a DR650SE that I have taken out on the trails a few times, as well as up and down the freeway, in CBD traffic, and on long country rides. Haven't found anything it can't do yet. Top speed is not mind blowing, but adequate for highways and overtaking.

                          They are (by all accounts) bulletproof, and cheap to run and maintain, have good aftermarket options and are relatively cheap to buy.

                          It's old fashioned technology (air cooled, non-efi single) and the suspension is laughably soft from the factory, but I am still having loads of fun. Quite tall, most of the road trails are, so you may need to lower it if you're small - pretty simple procedure. Seat is uncomfortable (thin dirtbike spec) so long trips will punish your arse. Pretty small tank, will take you about 160km. Plenty of big tank options available. Not much good for pillions.

                          It's a farmer's bike but I love it.

                          The DR-Z400 is a popular choice too, lighter and quicker (dunno bout top speed) it is more like 40/60 road/trail where the DR650 is more like 60/40 road/trail, I'd say. Take a DR-Z400 and kit it out as a dirt bike it will keep up with anything. Then whack some motard gear on it and it will tear up the road as well.

                          No experience on the other bikes but from what I have seen VStroms and the BMWs are more serious touring bikes. Better if you will be chewing up a lot of highway miles, heavier and more expensive to drop if you take it offroad. 80/20 road/trail, probably. KLR650 is a bit heavier and a bit better on the highway than the DR650 so sits somewhere in the middle. I know nothing about the Hondas.

                          These bikes are great because all you need to do is change the tyres and you have a bike that will go anywhere. Does nothing brilliantly, but does all things well, and that is what I was after.
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                            Honda CB1300 FTW!

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                              What are you going to use it for i.e main purpose ?