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Ghostrider 2: Ghostrider gone wild

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  • Ghostrider 2: Ghostrider gone wild

    Hey ppls,
    For those who haven't seen the first and are lucky enough to have a fast connection try this bit torrent link. Its like Getaway in Stockholnme but on bike And much more insane ie. peak hour traffic 300+kmh... For those who have its more high speed insane action with more stunts and many more cops

    If you don't know what bittorrent is do a google and d/l like a 2.5mb file; install and then click on that link.

    It took me just over 20hrs to d/l this 560Mb movie (last 100Mb took 12hrs!) But its damn worth watching. I bought the first DVD which I thought was pretty insane tho repetative.... this is quite a bit better *grin*

    If you ask nicely I'll burn off a copy for ya!
    But ask nicely (read buy me a friggin beer)

    Oh and if this _warez_ post is breaking forum rules delete it and sorry for my ignorance..
    Will you insure me?!

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    bittorrent Link:

    I have no clue, but it download them files (makes all these RAR files) Meh... I only getting 13k/sec Slow... 23hr~ left


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      I thought that guy died after the 2nd video?