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  • UK Fast bikes mag

    anyone know of a stockist around Beeliar way?? also any regular buyers be able to tell me when i can expect the May issue to hit local newsstands?

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    We seem to be like 2-3 months behind which is bs.
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      Is that the one with the cargo net and 600cc shootout? If so i picked it up at the airport bit over a week ago....


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        I get it from the newsagent on Napoleon St., Cott.
        It seems to correspond to the correct month, i.e. May's will be in May.
        When I got it in the UK it was always 2 months in front!?
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          I picked up April's issue last week so it will be about another 3 weeks before May will be available, get mine every month at the newsagents at Livingston shops in Canning Vale.


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            appears that way, a mate in the UK had May issue last month!!??


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              If the content of the mag is usually to your liking - subscribing might be cheaper, faster and easier (delivered to your door).
              I've done this with one pommy mag, and its cheaper than the usual shelf price by a buck or so, plus about 2 months faster. To rub salt in, the newsagent sometimes gets copies as early as me, he whacks 'em on the shelf with an "express air mail sticker" and he ups the cost by around $5 extra per copy.