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Touring Boots: Whats your take??

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  • Touring Boots: Whats your take??

    Looking to purchase a pair of touring boots for those weekend rides. Narrowed down to 3 choices. Which one would you want?

    2. Gaerne Flow - USD$179.
    3. SIDI Sport Rain Boots - USD$130.

    I havent added the postage from US, but probably USD$20-30 bucks additional.


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    Go with the best comfort and fit. I found there to be big differences in comfort between brands. Personally I ended up with Oxtar (TCX)
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      Unfortunately I dont have the luxury of trying them out. As much as I would want to support AU businesses, the price difference buying in Australia (online stores) versus overseas is close to $100 AUD without postage consideration.

      Didnt want to go into a local store and muck them around without the intention of purchasing them.

      Aesthetic wise, I think the Dainese tops. Practicality on my end, the SIDI should do fine given I hardly ride the bike.


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        I just did 2000km in run of the mill Dririder's with about 4hours of seriously wet weather.

        Surely a brand like Sidi or Dainese would be just as good (or better) and just come down to personal preference. My personal preference would be Sidi next I have not heard of anyone being unhappy with them.


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          How much did your Dririder cost you? Mid-cut or high boots?


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            Not sure what you mean with mid-cut or high boots... they are about halfway between my ankle and knee.

            On special at one of the Causeway shops (maybe Yamaha one) Approx $100 if Memory serves....


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              I was at Causeway Kawasaki yesterday ordering parts, had a look at the price tags of the boots, must say you have had a good bargain paying $100 per pair.


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                Problem is that boots are a bit like helmets, what suits one person won't fit another.
                As much as it is honourable not using local suppliers, better to try out what you are after first and know what you are buying, rather than ordering and hoping for the best.
                At least that way the local supplier gets the chance to give you advice, recommend models and sharpen their pencil to get your business.
                I've not met a retailer yet who won't give their best price if given the chance.


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                  I have a pair of Dririders bought them from Causeway Kawasaki for $150 on special.
                  Used them in Viet Nam rode through mud and some really shitty weather.
                  Were very good at holding the water out for about 4 days.More comfortable than my Sidis and a good day to day riding boot.


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                    I have a set of Dririder Nordics, think it was around 150 I paid but had them for a while, great wet weather protection and pretty warm but wouldn't want to do a monster sky/ground/sky/ground type of off in them, not a lot of protection