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Skin pierced by shattered bones ...

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  • Skin pierced by shattered bones ...

    ... is one of the things you might see at the scene of a motorcycle accident. Now that I've got your attention, here is a tangentially related matter. Some bunch of Yanks are teaching a course in managing the scene of a motorcycle accident here in Oz.

    Accident scene management comes to Oz

    Except, it seems, here in Perth. Useful? I think so. Perhaps they could be persuaded otherwise.

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    Didn't the Captain run something similar recently?
    Dolphin 38.

    I don't know whether you noticed Marjory, but the criminal fraternity sometimes indulge in practices called pretending and lying.


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      yagadan organised it a while back
      Men have motorcycles while women have menstrual cycles, you can't talk to either while they are on it. The women's also has a sound, it goes nag-na-nag-nag-nag, biiiiiitch-bitch-biiiiiiiitch!


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        Yeah, the Captain (and I) ran a similar sorta thing... It was good, maybe we should look at another one sometime in the not too distant future?


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          I did not know that! Consider the thread redundant then. Let me know if you're doing something like that again.