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Dainese Torque Pro Out ot Sidi Vertigo?

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  • Dainese Torque Pro Out ot Sidi Vertigo?

    So the missus is heading to US this weekend, fantastic she can bring me back a pair of boots. Never owned any to date, so only been looking at reviews rather then experience.

    Noticed the vertigos are $300 US compared to $450 Here in aus.

    The torque pro outs are $400 US, $460 here in Aus.

    Now I've tried them both on, the Torque comfort is alot better due to the inner booty but I have recalled people saying the sidi's take time to wear in. The price difference is quite substantial.

    What do you guys think, I've noticed the vertigo have been around for a long time.

    Cheers Rob
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    I would go for the Sidi Vertigo's, just about the best protection you can get from a boot plus they are extremely comfortable once broken in.


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      I bought some of the Daineses on here and all I can tell you is that they are great, but not having tried the Vertigo's I can't really offer a comparison.


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        i have the St Axial Pro in - best boot ever had. super comfortable. light. prob about safest on the market - race level. given they last for years who not spend a little more


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          I have the Sidi Vertigo Air (perforated leather) and can vounch for these - a great all-round boot for a very reasonable price.

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            Two pairs of Axial out and would'nt buy anything else.
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              I've got some Sidis and wouldn't ever wear anything else. They do take some time to mould to your feet, but I wear mine all day every day and love them. Absolutely fantastic boot, though it now feels extremely weird to ride in anything else.
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                I think I'll go for the vertigo, quite cheap from the US and can easily get hold of new soles and toe sliders.


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                  I normally use AlpineStars (highend) but they seem to break too easy, so I bought a cheaper pair of Sidi's in the meantime and whilst the sizing was one size different from the3 alpinestars (45Alpinestars = 45Sidi for me) they are enormously comfortable, in fact last Friday and today I have taken to just keeping them on all day.
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                    I can't seem to justify the extra $110, plus with a kid on it's way.