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    Hi PSB,

    Ive been wearing rigid (permenant) contact lenses for a couple of years now. When I started riding back in December I noticed that my helmet blew air directly up into my nose and eyes. It gets to a point where particles (dust, sand etc.) are blown into my eyes which then wedge underneath the contact lens and cause quite a bit of discomfort. This is happening every 1 or 2 rides and it is quite annoying to be riding and having to blink something out of your eye at the same time.

    I am wondering if anyone was or is in the same boat as me. Have you found a solution or a helmet that won't blow wind in your face? Ive tried sunglasses but they dont seem to work.

    My helmet is a Rjays Striker (maybe half my problem there)

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    I wear softies and very rarely have any issues.


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      my M2R helmet has a nose cone piece to address this issue as well as fogging. I have no issues with contact lenses

      Though the AGV GP-Pro also seals very well and i get no air coming in pass the visor (it does have ventilating vents at the top, bottom and rear)


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        Get some clear safety specs, or swimming goggles
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          Aviator goggles and open face.

          My spare helmet has the nose piece that helps fogging etc, but not sure if it would do anything in your case.


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            I wear softies and never had any issues. Helmets are Shark S900 and Arai Vector.
            You can buy bike sunnies that come with a foam gasket. Riders Discount has them cheap. Isn't a perfect seal unless your face happens to conform.
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              I wear the softies and know three or four other people who ride with them as well with no issues to mention. Apart from getting a bit dry and needing drops I don't have any problems with grit. I have also thanks to track days realised when I'm really concentrating on riding I forget to blink which makes the contact lenses dry and gritty feeling.

              Maybe try soft contact or really blink more. I've tried the daily throw away ones and loved them but they are more expensive so I wear monthlies. You could get some 1 day disposables for long ride days and wear your normal contacts on other days?


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                Get a chin protector/breather guard. It really stops the wind getting into the helmet. I found it annoying getting wind in my eyes and figured it was getting to the point of dangerous as I was paying less attention to the road.

                Given it's coming up to winter, it'll keep your face warmer too.


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                  Thanks for all you replies.

                  I used to wear soft lenses before I wore rigids and I never had any problems with particle irritation. However, soft lenses tend to keep more foreign material and protein buildup which led to my eyelids reacting badly after wearing them for 3-4 months. Rigid lenses solve this problem but dont fit to your eye as well as soft lenses, which lead to dust and grit getting in between the lens and eye. With soft lenses, the lens gives way to the particle and you never get any issues. Rigid lenses dont give and force the particle to rub against your eye.

                  Changing from softs to rigids constantly would potentially be disasterous for my eyes and I rarely remove my rigid lenses as it is.

                  I shall have a look at helmets with nose cones in them and possibly even take a fan in with me, just to get a feel of which helmet will block wind out substantially for me. If that fails ill look at a chin protector or safety wrap-arounds.

                  Thanks again.
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                  IF ITS TO LOWED ! YOUR TOO OLD


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                    I have a Shoei helmet with a chin curtin. Works wonders for me. I wear monthly contact lenses... i remove mine daily at night...


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                      Air blowing into eyes drying out contacts, helmets squeezing arms on glasses so that they bounce around over bumps, so four weeks ago I spent a fortune and got my eyes lasered. I'm am extra pleased with the result, it's on the verge of life altering. Even though it was expensive and not covered by health insurance I would recommend it to anyone suitable for the procedure.


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                        Have you tried a prescription visor? A little pricey, but money well spent.
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                          I wear soft contacts but i get the problem of them drying out when riding and going blurry. Get air blown in through the top of the visor and into my eye/face. Sometimes it's a problem, sometimes it's not, but it's enough for me to not bother with them most of the time. I don't have a problem with grit getting through though.


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                            If you wore soft monthly lenses but took them out at night time, You shouldnt get the same protein build up. You can also get fortnightly ones. There arent many soft contact lenses that are designed to be worn continuously for 3-4 months. Soft contact lenses should be more comfortable/less expensive and more hygenic if you use them properly. This is also assuming you have no underlying issues (high power/ Irregular shaped cornea) that require a rigid contact lens. Look at that! first time i've done my job on PSB.


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                              What I meant was that after 3-4 months of proper use of soft lenses (including taking them out at night) I would have problems. My eyelids would get all goosebumpy on the underside which I was told would lead to much more serious problems and more irritation. Rigid lenses are also far more cheaper over a period of time as opposed to soft lenses. No other issues, havent developed a stigmatism and my powers arent too high (around -3ish i think).

                              Ive had dailys, monthlys and now the rigids. Theres alot less maintenence with rigid as opposed to soft lenses, plus I dont get any drying issues with rigids like I did with softs.

                              Prescription Visor would be good if I wasnt blind all the other time I wasnt wearing my helmet. Lasering is a future option, but im just making sure that my powers become consistent (theyve gotten worse as ive gone through my teens) and its something I can't afford at the moment.
                              Originally posted by slipin
                              IF ITS TO LOWED ! YOUR TOO OLD