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Has anyone else had a problem with buying a motorcycle from MotoMax?

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  • Has anyone else had a problem with buying a motorcycle from MotoMax?

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone had a problem with MotoMax in regard to their Japanese imports bikes? I bought a grey market bike from them that's very rare here. I received the bike in Victoria and it was a bit rougher then described by them, but that is a matter of opinion and the chance one takes when buying a bike sight unseen. I was told that I just need a RWC and it's ready for rego. The bike came with an engineer's report. An engineer's report is basically a super roadworthy inspection, I was told by them. The problem that I've had now for months is that the bike is missing some critical parts that are required to pass the roadworthy inspection. I've been in discussion with MotoMax about sourcing the parts, but as of today, I have yet to receive any of them. I've had the bike now for months and have been unable to ride it on the streets. I don't see how the bike could have passed an "engineer's report inspection at a cost of $500 in W.A." and can't even pass a simple roadworthy inspection here in Victoria due to missing parts unless they did the inspection themselves? This bike is difficult to find parts for here in Australia. I certainly learned my lesson and won't deal with MotoMax or any other dealer that isn't local in the future.

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    post a list of parts required, some are shared between models some are universal or can be sourced if someone knows the right fanatic collector, you may just be in the right place to get some help with it.
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      what bike and what part you are missing? a bit hard to judge if you only give us a slice of the apple


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        My Tizzer was an import from them and they were good to deal with. As others said, bit hard to offer any advice if you don't give some more details. Are we talking about something major like "omg, it's got no wheels"?


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          is the speedo in japanese..


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            Its better to deal with the shop yourself then throw it on PSB in my limited experience. Stuff like this NEVER ends well....
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              Closed as you don't seem to have mentioned any action you have taken in resolving this issue with the shop.