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Second hand Ninjas?

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  • Second hand Ninjas?

    After much burning of the braincells, interwebs and fellow rider's opinions I have decided that a Ninja is probably the best first bike for me. Simply because that's what I have had my little heart set on for so many years.

    Now it's the question of used or new? I like new because, well, it's new. Generally no issues with new stuff (and I can take it back if there are). Used appeals because everyone says I will want to upgrade pretty soon, and if I drop it I'll be less sad than if it were new.

    Y' know?

    Anyone know of any decent used Ninja's going for about $4k or less?
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    The best ride for you or anybody for that matter, is the one that puts a smile on your face. Good luck with your aquisition.


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      I have a friend who is selling a green 2009 250 ninja for $5k. Its a little more than you want to spend but its in good condition and Im pretty sure its still under the dealerships new bike warranty. Give me a call if you are interested.
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        Check the for sale section here on PSB dude, lots of 250 ninjas available in all sorts of conditions, colours and prices.

        GL with your purchace.
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          You will lose money if you buy new... look for a ninja that is a 2010 model about 7-8 months old or so. It will be still be in like new condition (You would hope), still have warranty (They come with 1 year) and you wont lose much (if any) when it comes to upgrading.

          Thats exactly what I did about a month ago and I havent looked back. Fantastic first bike to learn and ride on... Remember you probably are only going to have the bike for a year to a year and a half before getting your R licence... =)