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Fitting a ventura rack

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  • Fitting a ventura rack

    Are these things easy to fit..
    The parts are sitting at the dealership now but cant be stuffed waiting for other parts to arrive before they fit it.
    The rack and brackets are to suit my bike.

    cheers all

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    They're designed to be extremely simple.

    I could rip mine on and off my Hayabusa in a couple of minutes, tops.
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      Thanks they come with fittings or you just use exsisting


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        I have a set - everything you need comes in the kit. Might take a short while to figure out the first time around, but you'll be right.


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          And a big thanks to you pnorkle...
          I think ill just pick it up and have a go..!!
          If any1 finds a ventura rack lying on the freeway please send me a pm !!^_^

          Great at the detailing side but hopeless when it comes to tools !!
          If anyone wants to fit it for me ill throw em a free detail !!
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            I got a friend to fit mine to the ZRX in NZ, so I could just get on and go when I arrived, was dead simple on that bike. It can vary tho, depends on the bike-apparently some fully faired modern kit requires a fair bit of bodywork removed.
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