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    Need some advice on what Helmet and Jacket to get, probably looking to spend around 1k all together i guess

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    Ive had two jackets, both ive been pretty happy with.

    1st on was a Nordic2 Dririder jacket. Great. 100% waterproof. Removable liner, armour. Fabric. only abotu $400 i think, Dunno, came with my old bike.

    2nd - current. Alpinestar V4 leather. Heaps warmer (in winter) and cooler(summer) thatn the Dririder. Liner, armour. YUMMY YUMMY LEATHER. also zips in to alpinestar pants, so when i got some more cash ill get those too.
    cost $700.


    Didnt somone say that prestige honda has a good deal on Shoei atm. like $500 instead of $700.

    Ive got an arai coz my head is a st00pid shape and most other helmats in my price range squeezed my forhead too much. Arai is goot, but very noisy. $700

    Got a HJC street fighter for my missus, which i got for $300. but its not very comfortabel for me to wear for a long time. but she thins that its better thatn my arai. :roll: Depends on ya noggin.

    If you wanna browse try the honda shop online thinggy at

    But just try lots stuff on. Make sure that you try the jacket siting on a bike, coz they can ride up funny when you bend over. Buy it tight coz they expand.



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      I've crash tested a Suomy GunWind, very good helmet, the new ones have just come out as well, try those, I love them BUT in saying that, you'll need to try everything. When you do, just remember, how much is your head worth? Don't go a cheap lid!!

      As for the jacket, get a good summer one, something that breathes, I don't have any real preference but my Spyke jacket has been awesome in both summer and winter.


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        I'll recommend Shark helmets..

        Awesome design, VERY comfortable, removable liner, easy clip on visor (no stupid tabls to break like say AGV), quiet and sneeze guard...

        Best of all is they are not stupidly priced like some Shoie/Arai.
        Will you insure me?!


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          Get the most expensive gear you can afford. U get what you pay for.

          If thats only a few hundred for a lid, so be it, but spend every cent of it.

          If money is no object then naturally you must get:

          Oxtar Boots
          Shoei Lid
          Alpine Stars or Dainese Leathers/Cordura.

          *smiles whilst sipping and holding up a can of 'Go-Fast' to the camera.*

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            I agree spend as much as you can , one day it WILL save your ass.
            Shoei lid $ 750
            Dry Rider pants & Jacket $ 600
            Crappy but comforable shoe (not bike boots...Stoooopid )
            Gloves - CAT

            One very slow but long slide down the road, water & oil mix

            Helmet ok didnt hit ground
   holes I dont get that part....scuffed...thats it.
   hole from heat where i slid on my elbow...heat transfer to elbow , beaut scar 2 yrs later
            shoes mangled & scratched...still have them as a reminder.
            Gloves destroyed but saved fingers.
            Pride Damaged, but in one piece.

            If you get out and about with t-shirt , shorts , IDIOT.
            Yeah i know its hot...even hotter when you are in a burns ward cause you were knocked out & lay on the hot road in summer time to fry like a piece of bacon in a fry pan till the ambulance got there , cause no one moves an injured / KO bike rider.

            Think the worst will happen & if you make it back you are lucky.


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              For my money Shoei & Alpine Stars all the way.

              Got a TZ1 AS Jacket (~$700-750), AS SP2 gloves (~$140), AS SMX Pro boots (~$400), Shoei RF900 helmet (~$800 inc. breath guard and iridium visor).

              Like so many have said before me, get the very BEST shit you can. Afford it. Because when the shit hits the fan an extra few bucks here for better gloves or a back protector can be all that stands between you and a wheelchair or a coffin.

              Seen and heard of too many good riders going down and not getting up again to fuck around with crap gear.


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                "You worried about saving your own skin?" "Yeah, I am. It covers my body." (pick the movie)

                Echoing everyone else's sentiments here.. get the best gear you can afford. I've seen too many people, not mentioning any names (right Spike? Sorry mate, had to pick an example) who buy expensive bikes and then claim they can't afford good gear. Either that, or they're dumb enough to own it but not ride with it...

                Amongst the really good brands - AlpineStars, Dainese, RJays, Spyke, etc - it pretty much comes down to personal preference. What fits you the best, what you like the look of, and still to a certain degree; cost.

                I've been dumb enough to have had an off without gear.. and umm, falling off hurts. All I had was a Dainese leather jacket & Dainese gloves, and yeah - now I have a left knee with a big scar (which itches when cold, most annoying) and a healthy scar under my right foot. I also had a back so stiff I could hardly walk for a week, so a back protector would have been a worthwhile investment..

                Adding it up in my head I've spent the wrong side of $4k on gear.. and I don't even own a one-piece suit. Granted, I've bought different gear piece-by-piece, but still! I've now got gear I'm comfortable in wearing in both weather conditions (hot/dry and cold/wet).. I for one would rather spend cash and be comfortable in good gear, than think "Fuck it, too hot for leathers, I'll go out in Jeans". `cause that's when you'll have an off.


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                  i had a big off about two and a half years ago. at the time i was wearing just pants and a jumper...without gloves (that i had ben wearing all day). fucking stoopid i know....

                  anyway, if i had of been wearing full gear (full leathers head to toe) i might not have that piece of glass in my hand still, might not have massive scarring/skin grafts on my leg, might not still limp and have constant pain, might not have had 11 operations to save my leg and i might not have gone a year without walking. if i didn't have that helmet (shoei) or if i had an open face i would not have much of a face friends reckon i don't anyway

                  when i ride on the road now i wear an arai lid, dainese jacket, draggins and alpinestars glove and boots - no matter what the weather. that changes to dainese leather pants when at the track.

                  all up i would have spent a bit over $2000 - but i reckon its the best investment you can make. my stack was on a straight bit of preston point rd @ less than 60 kmh an a beautiful sunny never know when someone is going to knock you over...


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                    well at the sound of being repetitive...

                    I have a Alpines star v4 leather jacket and the thing is fantastic ... warm enuff in winter (with a long sleeve or thermal under it) and cool enuff in summer

                    it comes with all the odds and sods .. zip in pants ...removable liner ...yadda yadda ..

                    as for lids HJC are a good start ... they feel remarkably like a shoei on ur head .. and dont cost as much .... having said that .. i love my shoei .. and the new 04 range has just come out .....hmmmmmmm new shoei
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                      "You worried about saving your own skin?" "Yeah, I am. It covers my body." (pick the movie)
                      Bob De Niro in Ronin, interestingly enough written by David Mammett under a psyudonym. That's why the dialogue is so good.


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                        I got a Dainese jacket for $850.00. Beautiful soft leather. But I didn't want to scratch it and I actually got it a bit too big, so I don't use it anymore for riding. Just dressing up for the ladies... I got an Alpinestar Jacket for 650 which is magic. good leather, good guards, comfortable and looks good. Not sure what the exact brand is. And also got some Alpinestar boots for 400. Good boots, take a bit of getting used to and you cop shit from mates when they see you!!

                        As for lids, I got an AGV a few years ago for 400 and it's still good. Just replaced the visor recently. I got a Shoei when I got the one and it makes my head look too big, so that is now my passenger helmet. I also use it when dressing up for the ladies

                        I normally wear O'Neill dirt bike gloves too. They won't protect your hands too well in a big spill, but they are good for cold, rocks etc. And dressing up... you get the idea


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                          i crash tested an AGV GP-1 helmet... cost me $140 new but hey it saved my noggen.. sorta.... WHATS THAT CAT LOOKING AT!

                          I'm the noob you all pwn!


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                            Have to agree with everyone else, buy wat u can afford but try to afford the best. Safety does not wear a price tag and nor does the road or stationery obstacle whjen u hit it!!!

                            I ride with Shoei, Dainese and Spidi and am about to invest in some new summer jacket and draggins to bump up that level of safety. I have been lookinig around and have found some stuff I like but has become more aparent that money has to be no obstacle to a degreee otherwise u r going to come off second best.

                            Do what u can but try to buy the best.
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                              If money is no object then naturally you must get:

                              Oxtar Boots
                              Shoei Lid
                              Alpine Stars or Dainese Leathers/Cordura.

                              I have to agree on the above, I have a Shoei helmet and it is so comfortable, the Oxtar boots are also comfy and the one's I have are waterproof but don't get too hot in summer, and the Dainese jacket...
                              Removable lining and armour.

                              But it does depend on what you feel comfortable in...
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