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Dont want speeding fines? Buy a black Honda!

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  • Dont want speeding fines? Buy a black Honda!


    Speeding biker dodges dozens of charges - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    I've got a black Honda. All I need do now is remove my number plate.

    *In no way do I condone or encourage lawless behavior. Laws are what separate poor governments from rich ones.*

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    Out of curiosity, what is the most common sports bike on the road at the moment? (250s don't count)
    When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror. — JC Denton


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      Red Honda CT-110s, I believe...
      "Once upon a time we would obey in public, but in private we would be cynical; today, we announce cynicism, but in private we obey."


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        something made by suzuki that girls ride :p


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          on several occasions the rider made a rude gesture at the camera as he sped past.
          haha gold.
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