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SR 500 Electrical issues - no power?

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  • SR 500 Electrical issues - no power?

    Hey guys,

    Over winter here had issues with a leaking gasket set, which led to a period of non-riding. Last week, got the new gasket and oil in, only to be dismayed that when I turned the key, I appeared to have no power. Thinking it was a dead battery, I ordered a new one and just put it in. Still no power. Geh? Tried kicking it over and even got it to run for a second before dying again. What could other sources of this lack of power be? 1985 Yamaha SR 500.

    Cheers in advance

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    Get a multimeter and head for the fuse box and wiring loom and make sure you've voltage everywjhere its meant to be.

    I left my rz sit for a while and had exactly same issue as you. No power flat battery, changed battery still no power.

    Couldn't figure it out. All fuses ok so cut the loom open and started started multimetering the wiring still couldn't find anything wrong.

    somehow one of the fuses got crudded up between the fuse holder and the fuse - gave it a wiggle and away it went.
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      Yeah I'm thinking fuse, only problem is as far as I know to get to em you have to remove the seat, which is impossible for me here due to lack of appropriate tools and rounded bolt heads.


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        There is one fuse off the batery. Its a little round one, old school. Thats the only fuse in the whole system as far as I know. Mabye that has gone?
        I was able to get to mine by talking the battery side cover off.
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          Wasn't the fuse, but found a terminal that's unplugged itself. Only problem is I can't get to it, the seat bolt on one side is rounded and I think the other is in two parts because it turns, but doesn't go anywhere.

          What to do?


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            No offence but let me get this straight: you've got an old shitbox, you left it alone, now it has no power but you can't do anything because you have no tools?

            You have a choice, it seems:
            1. pay a bike mechanic to sort it;


            1. go buy some fucking tools.

            If it's all wired up and in neutral and you short the heavy posts on the starter solenoid, does it crank?

            If not, you have a problem somewhere in this circuit of battery +ve to starter solenoid to starter to ground to battery -ve.

            If it starts, try the starter solenoid. Changes from model to model but the thin wire into the solenoid will probably need to be connected to +ve (if not, then -ve). Does the relay click? Does the engine crank? If not, then you have a problem in the circuit of battery to solenoid to ground to battery.

            If it did work, you now need to keep tracing where to put power all the way up through your starter switch, sidestand or engine kill cutouts, clutch cutout, key switch, fusebox and back to the battery. A wiring diagram will really help.
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              Does it run at all or just no electrics?
              If it does not run then the problem is more than the battery as sr500's don't need a battery to run. The battery is just used to run the electronics.
              Has it wet sumped in the time you have left it sitting? That may be making it hard to start.
              Starfish there is no starter switch/ solenoid (kick only), clutch cutout, fusebox or sidestand cutout. (mine didn't have these things when I had mine apart...)
              Just the key and killswitch.
              I'll try and scan the wiring diagram for you bushy
              See if that helps, thats as good as I can get it
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                Damn - well, it'll take some juggling but pull the spark cap, jam a screwdriver or metal skewer into it, lay it (with a gap) across the frame somewhere and make sure there's a spark...
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