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Sydney ride report #5 - First country run

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  • Sydney ride report #5 - First country run

    Well the plan this weekend was just to hit the Blue Mountains. There's a road up that way called the "Bells Line of Road" that comes out of Richmond and goes all the way out to Lithgow. Well departure time was 0930, myself and a cute young lass by the name of Ashleigh on a CBR250 left the base and after battling Sydney traffic for the better part of 1 hour & 45 minutes. Once we got through Richmond thats where the fun really started. These roads are fantasic!!!! There's no potholes, no bumps, very, very smooth, wide roads ranging from really fast sweepers (120kph - 170kph) to some really nice tight corners that you can actually get your knee down on! These roads are insane and not every rider knows it. We past about 20 to 30 bikes between Richmond and Bell.

    The round trip was basically Watsons Bay to Richmond, turning left at Bell due to the thunderstorm coming in from the west and heading into Mt Victoria, then down the Great Western Hwy to Katoomba onto the Western Motorway through Penrith and back home. All up, 590kms.

    Really, really impressed with this run so if anyone's planning on coming over, we'll head out there for sure.

    Only downsides was that we must've seen about 15 coppers from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and the run from Katoomba back to Sydney was slow and boring due to road works and the abundence of Sunday drivers coming from the Bluey's. Bloody tourists!!

    I think next time I'll head all the way out to Lithgow, come down to Mt. Victoria and turn left there and go back down the Bells line of road. Sooooo much fun!!!

    No pics this time cause I was having to much fun on the roads to stop.

    Till later, ride safe!